Social Media Series: Sewing/Crafting Podcasts

Do you know what a podcast is?  I’m surprised every time I mention podcasts to people that very few listen to them and many don’t know what a podcast is!  I listen to podcasts almost daily…when I’m working, working out, doing chores and when I’m sewing.

A podcast is basically an audio file from the internet that you can download to your computer or mobile phone.  Think of it as a radio program you listen to for free and YOU get to pick the subject!  AND subjects there are!  There are literally hundreds of thousands of podcasts to choose from.  My favorites are true crime and SEWING!

Access to podcasts is simple.  Whether you have an iPhone or and Android, there are free podcast apps you can download.  Within the app there is a search feature where you get to choose your subject matter.  It’s that easy!

My favorites??

Modern Sewciety Podcast:  Hosted by Stephanie Kendron- she has a blog and a podcast about modern creatives in the sewing industry.  She releases a new show weekly and always has great guests.  She recently has interviewed Minky Kim, Sara Lawson (Sew Sweetness), Dana Willard (Made Everyday) and the owner of The Modern Sewist (a shop in Sarasota).  The interviews are always inspiring, get me excited about creating and cause me to follow more people on instagram.

Crafty Planner Podcast:  Hosted by Sandi Sawa Hazlewood- hers is about crafting and the creative process.  The first time I listened to this show was right after Quiltcon 2017.  She actually recorded the show while at Quiltcon and her guest was Melody Miller (Cotton + Steel).  The following week was an interview with Alison Glass and Chen Wu (@mushyhed on IG) and I was hooked.  The great thing is you can go back and listen to all the past recordings so you don’t miss a thing!

Those are the ones I listen to the most, but if you search “sewing” within the podcast app, at least 50 show up.  Unfortunately I don’t have time for all of them.  Let me know if you listen to anything and what your favorites are.  I’d love to find a hidden gem!

Happy Sewing!


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