Pineapple Trim Tool Tutorial

Hello Quilt Family!  As you know we are setting up a booth at The Maker’s Faire at MOSH on 4/7/18.  To make this a successful Guild fundraiser we are asking you to donate some sewn items for us to sell.  We have quite a few items already and will collect more at our next guild meeting.  Thank you soooo much for all your hard work!

I had another idea for a booth item that would be a collaborative effort.  There is absolutely no obligation to participate!  I will bring fabric that has been precut and also a few Pineapple Trim Tools and I’m asking anyone willing if they could make one 6″ pineapple block while we are at the next meeting.  I will take whatever gets made at the meeting and make either pillows or a small quilt with them and donate our collaborative pineapple block item/s to sell at our booth.  Again, this is NOT mandatory 🙂  and we’ll have the pineapple trim tools for you to use.

I’ve put together a tutorial for the 6″ block for you to refer to:

  1. Cut the center of the block to a precise 2 1/2″ square
  2. Sew Round 1:  Cut 4 strips of fabric at least 2″ wide and a little longer than the side of the center square. Sew, with 1/4″ seam, all 4 strips to the the 4 sides of the center square.  Just finger press until all 4 sides are sewn and then press with the iron.IMG_1431

3. Cut Round 1:  With trim ruler, place the white square marked “Centering Square – Round 1” on top of the center square.  Trim all 4 sides.



4. Sew Round 2: Cut 4 strips that are 2″ wide and just a little longer than each side of the new square. Sew all 4 pieces with 1/4″ seam, finger press as you go and then press with the iron when you’re done.

IMG_14345.  Cut Round 2: put the square marked Round #2 on the center square and trim 2 sides, rotate the unit and trim the other 2 sides.

IMG_14356. Sew Round 3:  Sew 4 more 2″ strips to the sides of the new square you have. Same as before, except the strips will be longer as the block grows.

7. Cut Round 3:  Place the 45 degree white line on the seam line of round 2 and trim all four sides.

IMG_1437 8.  Sew Round 4:  Again, sew four 2″ wide strips to the 4 sides of the new block.  Always with 1/4″ seam. Finger press as you sew, then press with the iron.

9. Cut Round 4:  Place the block solid square marked “Centering Square – Round 4” on the center square.  Trim 2 sides, rotate and trim the other 2 sides.

IMG_143910.  Completing the 6″ Finished Pineapple Block!!  Place the 45 degree white angle line on the seam line of round 4 and trim all 4 sides.


Cut 4 “rabbit ears” that are 2 1/2″ x 4″

Sew a rabbit ear onto each outside edge of round 4 strips

IMG_1443Place the black centering square – round 4 on the center square, trim 2 sides, rotate and trim the other 2 sides

IMG_1445The end product is a perfect 6 1/2 ” pineapple block (6″ finished)!

IMG_1447The Pineapple Trim Tool also makes an 8″ and a 10″ block.  You just do a few more rounds to make it bigger!  There is also a mini Pineapple Trim Tool for smaller blocks.

See you at the next meeting!


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  1. Great tutorial Paula! Thanks!

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