JAXMQG JAN 2023 meeting!

JAXMQG kicked off 2023 with a fantastic meeting buzzing with inspiration! We had a full house with 40 members and 7 visitors in attendance! We were delighted to welcome visitors: S. Daugherty, R. Neff, R. Starr, C. Benyacko, J. Wooster, T. Tatum, and L Santanam.

The first member show n share of 2023 was beyond amazing! .

Meeting highlights:

President C. Lennox thanked the outgoing board for a great job in 2022, acknowledged the new board for 2023, and highlighted all of the wonderful volunteer committees that stepped up for this year:

  • Hospitality: D. Slaughter, A.Rivers, D. Boer.
  • Fundraising: F. Sheffield, C. Flores, J. Roothan, C. Lennox
  • Meeting Programs: R. Knapik, L. Hamilton
  • Retreat: F.Sheffield, R. Knapik, P. Fuqua, D. Slaughter, A.Junker.
  • Party Planning: F. Sheffield, E. Vallorini, A. Junker, L. Bezares.
  • Challenges/Swaps: M. Douglass, A. Williams, S. Williams, D.Thames, R.Knapik
  • Block of the Month: M. Mings, J. Roothan
  • Community Outreach: K. Blalock, R. Jackl, S. Davis, E. Greenfield, D. Thames.
  • UFO Club: P.Fuqua, M. Douglass
  • Social Media: A. Junker, A. Rivers, L. Hamilton
  • Membership: S.Doaner
  • Education (2024): M. Bartlett, J. Delony, L. Hamilton, K. Kimmel, and C. Flores

2023 IMPROV FUN! A. Rivers kicked off the improv program she planned with the 15 MINUTES OF PLAY book by Victoria Findlay Wolfe! We hope you will join in on the fun program that is totally flexible– do as much or as little as you want! February suggestions : Read through page 23! Make some fabric! Review your fabric using questions on page 20. The entire program is outlined in A. River’s attachment emailed with the January newsletter.

Community Outreach: K. Blalock reminded members to log their quilty donations. S. Davis suggested interested members make fidgit quilts for hospice and small 36 x 36 quilts for UF healthcare.

Fundraising: F. Sheffield kicked off 50/50 opportunity tickets for 2023! The proceeds will be split between the winner drawn and the guild for covering future fun!

Meeting program: C. Lennox presented a FUN demo on FREE HAND CURVES! Her technique is a super fun, easy, no stress/rules approach that inspired members to sew curves! Many thanks for the great demo!

The January challenge was to make Valentine & St Patty day themed small hanging hearts for hospice patients. Members turned in an impressive 166 hospice hearts! S. Davis will deliver the hearts to local hospice centers.

BIG congratulations to our January lucky prize winners!!!

H. Robst won the January challenge participation prize drawing!

Both T. Benyacko and M, Douglass both won meeting door prizes! Thanks for Quiltfolk for the magazine donation!

C.Flores was excited to win our first 50/50 opportunity fundraiser drawing!

QUILTCON is right around the corner! Candi compiled a list of members attending and emailed contact and meet up info! If you are attending QUILTCON but did not get on the list then please reach out to Candi.


  • February meeting is on Sunday the 19th at 2pm! Please note that due to QUILTCON this is a date change from our normal schedule. The program will be presented by R. Knapik : how to make a quilt sandwich using pool noodles and pinmoors. Look for details in the February newsletter.

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