Spring is the season for heroes and memories.

Spring is flying by and April and May seem to have become one. Now summer is coming and other activities can take away quilting time. Graduation, school parties, traveling, BBQ, gardening, boating, oh my! It’s OK to neglect quilting if it means being outside or being with family šŸ™‚

May also brings Mother’s Day, Teacher and Nurse Appreciation weeks. Did you show your appreciation? Maybe you made a quilt for a lucky hard-working special person. Memorial Day is coming up; have you ever made a quilt for a veteran? Quilts of Valor is a nationwide organization, but even quilts given without such fanfare are just as special. Are you making a quilt for a June wedding? I just finished a t-shirt graduation quilt. Maybe there is a way to have family time AND quilting time! I suggest making it intertwine WITH your spring festivities, instead of pushing to the back burner. Quilting is seasonal…meaning EVERY season!

Who taught you to quilt? Was it your Mom or Grandmother? My Grandmother made quilts but I never got a lesson. My Mom is a cross-stitcher so we had to ask a friend to help me learn the sewing machine. I took hand quilting classes from community education. I taught myself to use a hand-me-down machine by reading the manual. Nowadays, we have classes online! How convenient! Take some time this summer to reflect on how you started your craft, your motivations, and the people who inspire you.

Jax MQG is a great resource for new quilters and seasoned quilters! Join us for Sit and Sew May 18 at 10:30am at Pablo Creek library!!! Our next official meeting will be May 26 at 2pm at Christ UMC.

Just as summer is beginning, our next blog entry will discuss new Christmas fabrics! Who’s excited??

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