A word (or two) from your programs committee

Hello all!

So maybe more than two words (we all know how fabulously wordy we all are:) But I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves, especially to those who may have missed a meeting or two, and let you know about some of what is planned for the year.

Adele, Joan, Candi and MaryAnn form the programs committee and our goal is to present you with enough programs and activities to allow us all to grow with modern quilting. We hope that what we come up with will keep us all entertained, allow us to learn something new, share what we already know with others, and maybe challenge us a bit and get our creative juices flowing. We have many ideas, and always open for more! We would love to hear from you regarding what is of interest to you (yes YOU). It helps us so don’t hesitate to approach any one of us with any suggestions you may have.

I have created a Programs & Challenges page that will be updated throughout the year with more details of each activity as they get closer, as well as additions as they become possible. If you take a look, you will see that we are adopting a quarterly approach for various activities: quarterly challenges, quarterly swaps, quarterly sew-ins and many member demos! (which reminds me, if you want to show us a fun technique, demo your favorite ruler or gadget or any quilty goodness that you think we’d love, let us know!)

We have also launched the new BOM program. We will be sewing through Sew Mama Sew Modern BOM from a few years back. You can see all the blocks for the year already and will be releasing all the colors for the whole year shortly so if you would rather sew ahead, you can!

And last but not least, we have our Second Birthday Retreat coming up in April (22-24). YAY! Mark your calendar and stay tuned for retreat details and registration info!


Your Programs Committee




2 thoughts on “A word (or two) from your programs committee

  1. Hey you guys are working hard, BRAVO! I did notice the Blog pages seem to be neglected. The BOM tab at the menu (top of page) takes you to an old BOM list that doesn’t have the current BOM info. I see it on the Home page/Announcements maybe someone could copy and paste?

    1. Thank you for pointing this out, all taken care of 🙂

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