January Meeting Highlights

Happy New Year!  What a great meeting and a great start to the new year. We welcomed back old and new members. New officers were introduced and our new Program Committee provided treats for all and gifts for members with January birthdays.  You can review the minutes here.

Introductions were made of our new board. Robin is continuing as President, Adele is our new Vice President, Yvonne is continuing as Treasurer,  and Sara is the new Secretary.

Our new Program Committee was also introduced. Adele, Candi, Joan and Mary Ann are now our new Program Committee/Hospitality. They really did a great job with hospitality for this meeting. During the meeting they informed us of all the fun and educational programs they have planned during the year. This month is our first quarterly challenge, the Fold-it, Snip-­it, Rip-­it, Drop-­it, Pass-­it Challenge​. We all stood in a circle and each started with a yard of solid color fabric we chose and then folded, snipped, ripped, dropped then passed until we each had seven pieces. The challenge then is for each of us to make a quilt using each of the seven fabrics we have. Look for more info on this challenge from the Programs Committee in future blog posts.

As part of the Program Committee’s initiative on offering educational demonstrations, Candi gave us a PowerPoint presentation on What is Modern Quilting and the Modern Quilt Guild’s website and everything it has to offer members.

Robin discussed the need for members to volunteer for Historian, Instagram Moderator, Retreat Committee and Charity Committee. During the meeting Tony graciously volunteered to be Historian. He will take pictures of our quilts and document them then give that information to the Quilt Alliance and also to our Secretary for our blog. If anyone is interested in volunteering for any of the remaining positions, please see a member of the board.

At the end of the business meeting we had show and tell:

Yvonne showed the finished top of one of the Love Quilt Project quilts,


Candi showed her quilt she did entitled Trilogy,

Ruth showed her finished Round Robin that is a quilt for her soon to be born grandchild, Everett,

and our new visitor, Pat, showed one of her mini quilts.


During the meeting there was a discussion on having our February business meeting on February 20th instead of at the QuiltWeek field trip on February 27th in Daytona Beach. This would allow members who couldn’t attend the field trip to still be able to attend the business meeting. Stayed tuned for more specifics on our next business meeting and field trip.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more info.

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