December Stocking Swap

Hola Peeps and Peepettes…

At our October meeting I introduced the Secret Stocking Swap which will be held at our Holiday party on December 12th. The original thought was to have secret partners however many members felt that receiving their secret partner’s name @ our November meeting would not be sufficient time to put together their stocking so I have changed things up just a bit to accommodate more members. So we will have a drawing for the stockings. If you bring one then you will go home with one, so no need to wait! You can get started right now! 🙂

Stocking Swap Guidelines

  • Stocking must be handmade, with modern fabrics and a modern theme. (let your imagination run wild)
  • Stocking should be large enough to fit all your items in (approx. 10 in is the size I will be making)
  • Fill with 1 handmade item (ex. zippered pouch, mug rug, ornament, mini quilt, pin cushion, etc)
  • $10 limit on addtnl stocking fillers (ex. 3 fqs, 5 spools of thread, Chocolate, Candy, fabric pens, etc)
  • Limit one stocking per person

Stocking Tutorials

From Diary of a Quilter

My personal favorite style —> From Imagine Gnats

From Amy’s Creative Side

Are y’all getting excited?!?!?!? I know I am!

~das Jen

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