Spotlight shines on…. Jen

1- Introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about where you are from, work, family etc.
    Hola Peeps & Peepettes! I am Jen Paetzold aka das Jen. I was born in California and moved to Florida when I was 5. My heart and internal timeclock are still on the West Coast and one day I will make it back there. For now I live in Orange Park with my best friend and husband, KC and our two teenage boys Orion (15) and Aiden (13). I spend my days sewing and caring for my Doods. We have a doogle named Beans and a flooflenuwfin named Cheddar.
As for work, my newest adventure is trying to sell my creations. My etsy shop is DasJenCreates and I can be found on Facebook under the same name. My main product is quilted potholders/hotpads. I find a great deal of joy in making potholders. Over the years, I have made them for practically all my friends and family. I am just not ready to stop so I figured it was time to open a store. 🙂

2- Tell us about when and how you started quilting.

I dabbled a bit here and there but seriously started quilting December 2010. I made (with the help of my Doods and my Momma) my first quilt for my mother n law. It was a secret Christmas present that we worked on right underneath her nose. It was very personal, hand quilted, and had a TON of love sewn in. We made her cry when we gave it to her. She adores that quilt to this day. I have come a long way since then.


I was drawn to sewing as I have a case of the “I can do that!”. I like to dissect things and figure out how I can make it on my own with items I already have around the house.

3- What’s your favorite part about quilting? Least favorite?

My favorite part about quilting is seeing something I made used. My least favorite thing is not having enough time.

4- Any favorite technique or one you wish to learn?

I figure out a great deal of technique through mental dissection but there are some things in the modern world of quilting that I have me stumped. Sadly, I have no idea what any of those techniques are called! LOL

I would also like to learn more about big stitch quilting. I have done quite a bit of hand quilting but I feel there is always tips and tricks to learn from others.

5- What fabrics are you drawn to? Any particular styles or colors?

I recently was told (*sighs* and I agree) that I am drawn to dots, more specifically I am drawn to things that are circular. I absolutely adore the color Orange. I love rainbows, gray, geometric, and bright n bold colors and patterns.

6- Who is your favorite quilter (whether international, national or local)? Any blogs you love to follow?

My favorite quilter is my Momma. I know that is kinda cliche but it is so true. I am always in awe with how much knowledge she has, how she can whip up any traditional block with perfection and flip right into some modern improv with ease, and her creativity is endless. She planted that seed in me, just took 35 years to flourish!I


I also enjoy improving a quilt together with my fellow JMQGers. It is so much fun to hear everyone’s idea or take on something and to view a different perspective, from there everything just expands!

7- Tell us about where you sew! Your stash? Your sewing machine/s.

I have a wonderful sewing area. I love that I can watch something on the TV, listen to music, or watch my boys play a game while I sew. I can pop into the kitchen to cook or clean up and the laundry is close by too. I like having my space in the middle of everything. I can do what I love to do and still be with my family.

Below is my view as I come down the stairs. Accross from my area is where my husband works on his projects.


Once seated, this is my view to the my left…


I have 2 machines. I use my brand new Viking at home and take my Brother to Sew-ins. I enjoy both of them.

8- Are you organized? Tell us, we won’t judge! If you are, what would you say the one thing that helped you
organize the most?

Yes, to a point. I clean up as I go. I think having everything at arm’s length is quite helpful as well.

9- Please share a picture of your favorite quilt that you made, and tell us a bit about it.

I have many favs but these are just a few…

12166703_10153615758894098_4353930_n 10308216_10201559577549835_6986654881957328564_n 1743574_10152154371754098_491539675_n (1)

I have a few WIPs that I am fond of as well…

12169955_10153615796829098_1667589735_o 12175954_10153615796154098_1390559704_o 12171091_10153615796419098_1419394834_o

10- Do you have a quilting bucket list?

Now that you mention it, I should make one! Some the things I would put on it would be….

  • Go to a retreat out of town
  • Go to a retreat out of state
  • Take a quilt cruise
  • Enter a quilt into Quiltcon
  • Finish Selvedge quilt
  • Make a new foundation pieced scrappy quilt because my favorite one from the thrift has died
  • Scrappy Double Wedding ring quilt
  • One Block Wonder (I have a specific design in mind but have yet to find just the right fabric)
  • Create and Finish Orion’s Orion quilt
  • Visit Spool in Chattanooga and meet Maddie!
  • Free motion quilt with my hopper
  • Have my own fabric line

11- Anything else you want us to know?

That was fun 🙂

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  1. Such nice things said about ‘the Momma’. Oh, I am the Momma!!!!!

  2. Enjoyed reading about our Das Jen. Learned many things and love how you decorated your work area. Thanks for giving us a peek into the creativity of Das Jen creates.

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