QuiltCon Day 1

Started the day with a long line when Registration was supposed to open at 8:00 am; there were a couple hundred people in front of me.   Once they got the computer glitches fixed around 8:20, the line moved very quickly and I was through in about 5 minutes.


Many of us also got a great goody bag, based on the number of sessions and events for which one registered.DSC02794

And inside the bag…


They also sent us this cool QuiltCon App for our phones

Once you login….here’s the main screen

You can even set alerts for yourself  and my class on Friday  is the next event (since I took the photo late on Thursday).

Here’s the screen for the Quilt Show and Vendor Hall  layout



Last screen I’ll show you is a diagram of where each event is held. This is actually a multi- screen tab since QuiltCon is on different levels in the Austin Convention Center.   You can click on the red dot and a dialog box opens and tells you what the event is.  Pretty cool!!


My first day was six hours of sewing (yes….SEWING!!!) with Katy Jones of I’m a Ginger Monkey fame.   DSC02789Her class was all about taking traditional blocks and making them modern….basically we supersized them.  Her quilt top of nine blocks is on the left in the photo above and we all made four 24 inch blocks.   That’s my Shoe-Fly block on the right (the gray and orange).   It took Katy about an hour to notice the yellow block (top middle) was wrong.

Katy’s materials did not arrive in Austin from the UK, so we had to wing it, which was part of the fun.   Lot’s of math and a bit of seam ripping.  We each had a Baby Lock “Rachel” sewing machine which we could purchase for the low price of


Where’s my Opal when I need it!!!   Kept looking for the exclusive sensor system and scissors.

Here are my four finished blocks


The day was a blast and Katy signed my badgeDSC02805
As you can see, I had a lot of events scheduled (and purchased ) for Day one.  Didn’t make yoga….hahahaha…..what was I thinking when I selected that every day.   Didn’t make the copyright lecture either since I did have to get a bite to eat.   Stayed for half of the lecture with Alexia Marcelle Abegg.   It was just okay and I was distracted since many of the QuiltCon Charity Quilt Challenge quilts were hanging in Lecture Hall A.   Our Silly Goose was not there, so I had to find it ….  It was next door in Lecture Hall B which is a more intimate setting.   Just got a peek from the door since I wasn’t signed up for that lecture.  Will get some photos on Friday.

Since I had some time (all of ten minutes)  I stopped by the Sizzix booth and got a great deal on the Big Shot Pro which will be shipped to the house..  Also had fun with, guess who…
20150219_135628Hmmmm…might be time for the Botox or eyejob!!!!  Yikes.

Then I quickly walked the show floor looking at the winning quilts.  Here are a few of them…

20150219_134720 20150219_134732 20150219_134517 20150219_134500 20150219_134436 20150219_134838 20150219_134740 20150219_134847 20150219_134902 20150219_134909 20150219_134924 20150219_140954
20150219_141004 20150219_134408 20150219_134337

More quilt photos coming on Day 2.

We wrapped up Day 1 with the Moda Dance Party.  They had to move the event because of the number of people who purchased it.  It was held at Mohawk Bar a multi-level rustic locale about a twenty minute walk from the hotel.  When I got there….it was like the morning all over again… a few hundred people back in line but this time in the cold windy night.    Here’s a shot from the rooftop deck of the line about an hour after I got in.

Ended the evening with a Pecan Dark Ale….yum

More QuiltCon fun coming your way.

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5 thoughts on “QuiltCon Day 1

  1. Oh Yvonne thank you so much for sharing I have been so out of sorts with my traveling for work that I can’t seem to get to any sewing, meetings, or events and I miss it terribly! I watch from afar and live vicariously for now hope to see you when u get back!

    1. Hi Christy:

      Yay…..you are alive!!!!! Been wondering since I haven’t seen you in the store or at the guild meetings.
      Did you hear, QuiltCon is now an annual event switching between West Coast (next year in Pasadena) and East Coast (Savannah, GA in 2017).

      I bought the Sizzix Big Shot Pro @ QuiltCon and it will take the Accuquilt dies….we can play.
      Do you want to renew your guild membership for 2015? You can now do it on Paypal. I have to take off last year’s members if they don’t renew by
      March 28th meeting.

      Please let me know.


      1. Yes I want to renew!! Email me
        The PayPal acct info
        &/or where to send $ also I’m stoked u got the big shot I have about 20 accuquilt dies so I hope
        We can get together and do some cutting!

      2. Christy, click on the Paypal link on the right side of the blog….it’s all set for the current year and cost of $35, so just enter your Paypal info to make the purchase and you will get an automatic receipt. I will look for your renewal.

  2. See the girl in teal in line at the Mohawk? That’s me. 🙂

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