So, We Had This Sew-In

American Red Cross


We had our sew-in during the evening of February 16th to work on the charity quilt for the American Red Cross Silent Auction event planned for March 15th.

JMQG 011

Robin, Jen, KC and Yvonne played with scrappage, shown below on just one of the three fabric tables.   We took this …

JMQG 014
and turned it into this….

JMQG 019

We were still playing with the layout at 9:30 p.m. when Jen volunteered to take the blocks (after many photos were snapped) and finish piecing the top this week.

We did start with a vision of red crosses on white tone-on-tone background and the opposite white crosses on red background.   Our plan was always to have the crosses a little to a lot wonky.

The creative juices were definitely flowing and after we added some very structured blocks to the layout ,  we all decided to add our personal signature color into the mix.

KC created a stunning purple and red block.

KC's purple block


Robin added her signature teal to a cross.  Jen made a wonky orange toned star and Yvonne  added her signature Kona Ash.  Jen then added Kona Steel to the mix and it became magical.   You can see some of the magic in the layout photo above.

Jen is making an improv section for the quiltback and Robin will put it all together and do the quilting.   Yvonne will add the binding and we expect to showcase the finished product the first week in March.

Many thanks to Rikki at Ladybug Quilt Shop for providing her space, encouragement and insight in getting the blocks to come together.  Many many thanks to Robin for taking the lead on the project and to KC, Jen and Yvonne for working on another labor of love.

Can’t wait to see it finished, so stay tuned.


Maus Out



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