October Block of the Month: Wonky Diamond Log Cabins!

Wonky Log cabin by Creativentropy
Wonky Log cabin by Creativentropy

Here we are going from wonky stars in August to wonky diamonds in October. Yup, we like things just a little wonky. Wonkiness (OK spell check is telling me that wonkiness is not a word, but I am declaring it one) opens rooms for creativity and adds a lot of character, don’t you think?

We are going to be using Linda Nussbaum’s tutorial to make our wonky diamond log cabins.

Fabric Requirements: Orange and gray. Fabric choices must be either solid (any shade of  orange and gray) or tonals that “read” as orange and gray.  No high contrast fabrics.

PSSST!  Don’t forget to make an extra block for our charity quilt project!  You can make a duplicate  of your first block or you can design a new block!  The choice is yours!

Basics for Block of the Month program:

SOLID FABRICS:  We will be focusing on using solid fabrics because solid fabrics are one of the most common features found in modern quilting.   Tonal fabrics that “read” as a solid color can also be used in place of solid fabrics.

GIVE AND GET:  Members who bring in a block will be given a ticket.  A lottery will be drawn to determine the winner who takes home all of the blocks.  One ticket per block.

FAIR SHAKE:  Please use fabric that you LIKE (or LOVE) for blocks you will be putting in to the lottery.   Please do not use the BOM lottery as a way to get rid of “uglies” and “red-headed-stepchildren” fabric that you do not like.

MODERN DESIGN:  We will be using the BOM program and lottery to learn about the modern quilting design ideas embraced by The Modern Quilt Guild.  These design ideas include improvisational piecing; slash, slice, and dice; “wonky” lines; negative space; and a handful of other techniques.

2 thoughts on “October Block of the Month: Wonky Diamond Log Cabins!

  1. This is Billie, I don’t feel challenged when I am given someone elses’ work to make something like it, just changing the color. May I do my own thing of “wonky”? Does it have to be the shape that is on this site? I know that you have assigned the colors because they will all fit in a quilt together. Grey and orange. I love challenging myself and it gives me a “high” when I see “my” finished results. It is therapy for me and fun. I am working on my quilt piece for “show yourself” for October 25th. It may not be finished because I don’t want to rush and mess it up. So far I am please with the work that has been done. I enjoyed the visit together at QuiltFest. I do believe though that they need to go a little more “modern, contemporary” or have a spot that totally deviates from the norm. I think that it would be an attraction. Quilting is not just for beds but a process of putting 3 layers together, regardless of what it is or how it will be used.

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