JMQG at QuiltFest!


When Jacksonville’s quilt show fell on the same day we meet, we just had to meet at QuiltFest instead of our regular scheduled meeting and what a great “meeting” that was! Lots of quilt eye candy and lots of beautiful fabrics and fun notions, what else could a quilter want? Oh, I am pretty sure someone had chocolate there too!

photo 3The quilt in this photo was Jen’s surprise to Angie and it was nothing short of wonderful! Jen won our very first block lotto in May and used the wonky log cabin blocks to make a quilt for Angie; for starting the meetings over a year ago and pushing until we became officially a guild. Yes indeed, thank you Angie! And what a beautiful quilt and gesture, Jen. Do you see your block in there?

And as if that beautiful quilt wasn’t enough, Jen had two more quilts at the show. Aren’t they beautiful hanging against the black curtain?


photo 2  photo 1 Our fearless president, Robin, also had a beautiful quilt hanging at the show. Don’t you just love the colors and playfulness of the design?

photo 4Angie also had a modern and out of the box log cabin quilt hanging at the show. Yes, these sticks are 3D!

photo 2

And last not least, our guild’s youngest Aiden had an adorable kitty quilt hanging at  the show. My favorite colors too!

photo 5That was a great representation of of our young guild and let’s plan on having even more presence next year, shall we?

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