June Block of the Month: Slash!

My creation
(Credit links below)

We will be using the Orange Pick-Up Sticks tutorial from the Empire Quilt Guild.

NOTE:  CUT YOUR SQUARES TO 8.5″ TO ALLOW FOR TRIMMING.  The final block is made with 4 blocks and should be trimmed to 12.5″.

Get your rotary cutter ready to slash up some fabric!  I *adore* slashing up blocks but this technique does have a challenge to it.  When piecing multiple inserts, there will inevitably be a build-up of seams  – it is what it is.  The tutorial we are using suggests pressing the seams toward the insert causing the insert to “puff up” a bit.  This “puff” will help when quilting as well — like a good underwire bra!

Block size:  12.5″ unfinished

My creation
(Credit links below)

FABRIC REQUIREMENTS:  Dark purple with bright/light medium green solid accent fabric. Fabric choices must be either solid (any shade of dark purple) or tonals that “read” as dark purple.  No high contrast fabrics.

Basics for Block of the Month program:

SOLID FABRICS:  We will be focusing on using solid fabrics because solid fabrics are one of the most common features found in modern quilting.   Tonal fabrics that “read” as a solid color can also be used in place of solid fabrics.

GIVE AND GET:  Members who bring in a block will be given a ticket.  A lottery will be drawn to determine the winner who takes home all of the blocks.  One ticket per block.

FAIR SHAKE:  Please use fabric that you LIKE (or LOVE) for blocks you will be putting in to the lottery.   Please do not use the BOM lottery as a way to get rid of “uglies” and “red-headed-stepchildren” fabric that you do not like.

MODERN DESIGN:  We will be using the BOM program and lottery to learn about the modern quilting design ideas embraced by The Modern Quilt Guild.  These design ideas include improvisational piecing; slash, slice, and dice; “wonky” lines; negative space; and a handful of other techniques.

See you all soon!

Mosaic 1 credits:
1. Pick-up-sticks-IMG_7552, 2. Pick Up Sticks, 3. Pick-up Sticks, 4. Pick Up Sticks Mini Wall Quilt, 5. Improvised Crosses, 6. QuiltCon Block Challenge: Pickup Sticks, 7. rainbow block, 8. Cross quilt top finished, 9. Cross Quilt – quilting progress, 10. SUTK Progress…, 11. Trudy Block [1], 12. {Modern 12} Bee – August 2011, 13. Ice cream for All- front detail, 14. Tula Pink Blocks, 15. Fresh Modern Bee Block for Viv, 16. 4×5 Bee – Hive 15 – Dashasel

Mosaic 2 credits:
1. Purple Iris, 2. In Motion, 3. Summer is coming, 4. Maelstrom, 5. japanese maple leaves as pointalism, 6. benches, 7. Untitled, 8. Right of centre, 9. Geranium ‘Pink Penny’, 10. The Game, 11. Hometown, 12. Light & Colour, 13. The Beast, 14. Shades of Purple, 15. Delphinium – Magic Fountains Dark Blue, 16. For My Gran Who Turned 91 Today, 17. Tulips, darkened to make them look more like the real ones, 18.135/365, 19. Purple Flowers, 20. Purple Sheen, 21. Behind Our Dreams, 22. Peas – Coloured Pencil Drawing, 23. Delicate Devine Dark Waves of Desire~, 24. Untitled, 25. Dark Purple, 26. Vibrant Purple, 27. Everywhere, 28. Dark purple flower opening, 29. purple flower head, 30.Green & Purple, 31. Purple and Green, 32. Reflections, 33. Purple & hairy, 34. Purple Tulip on Black II, 35. One Eyed, One Horn, Purple People Eater., 36. Purple and Green With a Hint of Orange

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