Robin is Just Ducky Being Linked to Illya

Our very own Robin McCallister was mistakenly identified as Robin McCallum in our posted July Meeting minutes.

She said not to worry, she’s just “Ducky” to be linked to Illya Kuryakin.

Illya Kuriyakin We’ll try to have the name change ceremony at the August Meeting, which is scheduled for Saturday, the 17th, 10:30 a.m. at Country Crossroads Quilt Shop in Orange Park.

So speaking of Robin, here she is sharing one of her absolutely fabulous  works in progress (WIPS)

Robin's Window Quilt 2

Here’s a close-up of this wonderful window-esque quilt top.

Robin's Window Quilt

Jessica Silverman has been busy making baby quilts and shared a few of her projects.  Here is a quilt top for a very special little girl….

Jessica's Baby Girl Quilt

and one for a sweet little boy…

Jessica's Baby Quilt

Just love the racecar print.  Jessica also showed us her quilted animal shapes.

Jessica's Animal Shape Piecing

Here’s a close-up of the precious pooch…

Jessica's Animal Shape Piecing Close-up

Soooooo cute!!

Carolyn Parker visited our little guild in July (we truly hope you’ll return) and shared her gorgeous 3D geo themed block.   Can you say perspective?  Roll your chair back from your computer to get the true effect.

Pat Lucas's Geo Block

Carolyn also brought in the pattern from  QUILT Magazine, just to scare us! 

Pat Lucas - Geo Block Pattern

Thank you for sharing and we are  all looking forward to seeing the completed quilt.

Carolyn also opened up a completed geometric quilt top  and wow, this is spectacular

Carolyn Parker's Geo Quilt top

I would be remiss if I didn’t slip in a quick photo of our two visitors, Carolyn (who I have a feeling will be a member) and Pat Lucas visiting from Gainesville MQG.  We love having visitors and thank you both for joining us.

July Meeting - Carolyn and Pat

Lora Douglas brought in a couple of her recent foundation paper pieced efforts.   I just love it when someone else catches the FPP fever.

Lora's FPP Block


Lora's FPP Block 2

I think everyone should give foundation paper piecing a try, especially since the process really helps produce precise results for intricate patterns.  They say the  “proof is in the pudding” but in case you only want Jello,  then just simply look above at Lora’s superb  blocks.

To push the point (I must still be on the high from Lynn’s Quilter’s Crack), Lora and Yvonne will provide two different strategies for foundation paper piecing at the August 17th guild meeting.   This will be a real sew-in day, so bring your machine.

Yvonne will be providing guidance, tips and plenty of copies of the Circle of Geese  pattern from  Beth Cheri at Pieced By Numbers.   So bring some multi colored scraps and your favorite background fabric and you’ll go home with something like this lovely QfB block…

Block #1

Lora will  show us her technique using freezer paper and provide us with her tips.

Now, back to the July meeting for more of the projects presented by our members and guests.

Ginger Benoit brought in countless WIPs and some finished projects; every one of them a treasure.   She started by talking about her quilted bag and after she emptied it, passed it around so we all could look it over.  Here the bag is still bursting with all her WIPS

Ginger's Quilted Bag

and here’s a close-up of her workmanship

Ginger's Quilted Bag 3

Here is a really eye-catching comfort quilt with off-center charm sized blocks.

Ginger's Show & Tell

Just love the ultra modern circle fabric.   Here’s a close-up of the quilt top

Ginger's Show & Tell 2

Next, Ginger showed us her version of a window-scape

Ginger's S&T Windows Quilt

Of course, I got a close-up photo so you could see each block is actually  three strips of different fabrics to create the variegated or shaded patterning

Ginger's S&T Windows Quilt Close-up

Ginger has been very busy, and next up was her framed blocks on a baby quilt

Ginger's S&T Baby Quilt

You win the bragging rights prize  if you guessed, the next photo would be a close-up

Ginger's S&T Baby Quilt Close-up

Okay, faked you out (now my Boston is showing) with a second close-up to show the quilting

Ginger's Baby Quilt Fussy Cut Block

The fussy cut blocks just pop with the vibrant borders.

Ginger then showed us her Christmas wall hanging.  This is so festive it really does feel like Christmas in July!

Ginger's S&T Christmas Wall Hanging

Brava Ginger, these were truly special pieces and we thank you for sharing them with us.

While we were having our binding tutorial from Lora (the binding process will be a separate post), Mary Pat Callahan, a dear friend of our own Lynn Provencher, entered the quilt shop and was showing off her memory quilt to Lynn, when the Maus Papparazza in true tabloid fashion just knew there was something delicious at the front counter, and scurried over with her digital camera.

Whether she liked it or not (she did!),  Mary Pat was now destined to be part of the JMQG blog.  Here are three photos of this amazing memory quilt

Mary Pat Callahan's T Shirt Quilt

and close-ups of the denim vest

Mary Pat's Clothing Quilt 2

and little girl’s top

Mary Pat's Clothing Quilt

Memory quilts are simply magical and bursting with love.

WOW… This was quite a July Meeting, wasn’t it?   And we haven’t even posted yet about Lora’s binding tutorial.  Why don’t you check back in a few days and also plan to join us in August and see what we’re stitching up.


There was so much content  and activity at our July meeting, that any errors in identification or giving  proper credit of work is truly an oversight.  The Maus will probably need either an assistant, intern or most likely a notebook to write down things as the camera shutter is clicked.  No wonder I’ve got Robin married to an 80-something legend.  Ginko only works so well, especially now that I’m hooked on the Quilter’s-Crack!  Darn you Lynn!!!!!

Until the next post;  Happy Quilting.

The Maus

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  1. Yvonne, you are a hoot! Awesome post and it ia great to “relive” the meeting.

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