QfB Heading Towards Home Stretch

Just a quick post on JMQG’s Quilts for Boston progess.   As of today, we have five (Woo Hoo) completed quilts.  Here they are all neatly folded…

QfBs Folded

and here is Anne Haddock sewing at Yvonne’s house trying to finish up the last (#11) quilt backing.

Anne Sewing at Yvonne's House

We had five of the blocks that were brought back from Boston left over because they kept being put in the misfit pile due to non conforming color, size or other issues.  Anne and Yvonne restitched a couple and resized a couple more and got them all pretty for the center back section of QfB #11.  So the goal of using every block has been met.

Anne was also willing to be the “feet in the photo” quilt holder so I could photograph quilts numbered  3 – 4 – 5 outdoors in our beautiful sunshine.

First up is Anne’s QFB quilt front

Anne's QFB and back

Anne's QFB Back

Here is Anne’s QfB relaxing (watching tv?) while waiting for it’s Cecile B. DeMille close-up.

Anne's QFB draped

Next up is Candi’s QfB front

Candi's QFB

and back

Candi's QFB Back

and lastly, Yvonne’s second QfB contribution.  We all know she likes to name her quilts (how can we forget the “Kardashian?”) and this one is called “Cornered Geese”

Yvonne's QFB 2

and the back

Yvonne's QFB 2 Back

So, we’re all caught up with our Quilts for Boston progess reports.   We do expect to have the last five completed quilts turned in at our next guild meeting on August 17th at Country Crossroads Quilt Shop in Orange Park.    No real pressure intended, but Yvonne will be carrying whatever is available up to Boston the last week in August.

Still more to come from our last meeting.  See you all in a little while, and until then happy quilting.

The Maus

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  1. Awesome! I love these quilts. Great job by everyone.

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