Many hands make work light & fun!

So far 2022 has been a stellar year for JAXMQG.   The guild started the year with 40 members and as of today there are 65 members!  As you can imagine there is effort required to keep the guild active and fun. This post is a gentle call for additional members to consider lending a helping hand.

Most volunteer opportunities are best worked by small teams.  A small team ensures members get to know each other, no one person bears the full work load, and results in less work / more fun per person!   At the October meeting there will be a sign up sheet available for a variety of the non elected volunteer roles such as :

Meet & Greet group :   This group will be available at meetings in time to welcome visitors– show them around, chat, make introductions, assist with signing in, answer questions, follow up after the meeting and SMILE!   A room full of quilters buzzing around can be overwhelming for some visitors to navigate what to do, where to sit, etc. 

Meeting demo / programs team:   This team will plan and schedule the monthly meeting demos and programs.  The team does not need to deliver the demos/programs but engage members for ideas and to share their talents.   Demos and programs are one of the key components why our meetings are super fun to attend each month!

Guild party planner team:  Who doesn’t love our guild parties!  We like to have at least 2 parties a year and they take work to plan and execute.   If you are a party planning extraordinaire then you may want to be on this fun team!

Guild retreat team:  JAXMQG has the best quilt retreats around!  Behind the scenes it takes alot of work and effort  to ensure a retreat is an awesome experience.   As the number of retreat attendees increase there is a big need for a few members to work on the retreat team.

Community Outreach team:   Quilters love to help community so there is always a need for a team to coordinate and deliver donations, reach out to the community organizations to understand needs, and also track guild donations, etc.

Social media team:   It is key for the guild to maintain a current presence on JAXMQG website and social media by posting photos, events, and reminders.   Opportunities include taking photos, writing blog posts, making Instagram and Facebook posts.

Other opportunities : Some of our volunteer opportunities currently have members assigned that are doing a excellent job but could use extra hands. These include:  Challenges, UFO, Membership, Swaps, Block of the Month, Education, etc.

See you all soon!

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