Why So Many Quilts?

If you’re new to a quilt guild, or maybe new to quilting, you may wonder why folks make so many quilts in their lifetime.  For some of us, it’s a creative outlet that has no end; an infinite number of possibilities just waiting to be brought forth.  I know a few people who have attempted a quilt, some finished some not, and they didn’t look back.  It wasn’t their thing.  It didn’t “spark joy”.  OK, just had to say it.  Personally, I prefer quilting to, let’s say,  jogging.  I can’t understand why someone would run a marathon more than once.  I guess some people say the same thing about making a quilt.

So what becomes of all the quilts?  Where do they go?  What do you do with them?  Back in the day, quilts were made out of necessity.  You needed a covering for your bed to keep warm.  Maybe you made 2 or 3 for each bed, depending how cold you are.  Maybe you made a lighter one for the summer, and a wedding gift here and there.  Making them by hand took a while, so there weren’t any “extra”.

Nowadays, we have sewing machines and more time on our hands to express our artistry.  Who benefits?  Your family can only handle so many quilts!  That’s where charity work comes in, giving quilts to those who truly need it.  Someone who doesn’t have a fabric-obsessed family member.  A quilt represents comfort, dedication, and love. With all that’s going on, we need to blanket the world!  #amiright

Jax MQG is involved with the following local and national organizations:

Foundation Academy/Jax Science Festival

Red Cross

HEAL foundation

Boston marathon bombing

Quilts for Pulse nightclub Orlando

Love Quilt Project

Blue blocks for fallen officers

This is just a sampling!!  More quilts and people who need quilts are coming!

Won’t you join us??  Our next meeting is March 31 at 2pm at Christ United Methodist Church in Neptune Beach.  Sew Glad It’s Saturday meets March 23 at 10:30 at Pablo Creek Library on Beach Boulevard.  Come join us!!

Next blog will be all about QUILTCON!!!!  Stay tuned!!!


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