August BOM – Jacksonville Sunrise


Hola JMQG Peeps! It is that time again 🙂

This month’s BOM is Jacksonville Sunrise. We are using solids/tonals in oranges and yellows. Size will be 12.5 unfinished. Make one for the lottery and one for charity quilts.

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1. For my center I started with a piece of orange about 13.5 in long and about 4 in wide. I folded over lengthwise and finger pressed on the ends to visually mark my center point.


2. I lined up the next piece from the right top corner to the previously marked center fold at the bottom of the orange piece, sewed, trimmed the excess and ironed open. Repeating this step for the left side but of course coming from the left corner. I trimmed the bottom to have a straight edge guide but it is not necessary. Since we are working on the diagonal, it is important to have some overhang at the top as you are adding pieces.


3. Continue adding strips in the same manner.


4. After you have a few added, size up your block to 13.5 width. I found this helpful when finishing off to have less waste. Then of course continue to add.


5. Finish off with a good starching and iron, then trim your block down to 12.5.

Viola! You have a beautiful sunny “Jacksonville Sunrise” block.

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