Are you ready? Our First Anniversary Quilt Retreat is almost here!

Retreat page 2Here we are just a few days away from our First Anniversary Quilt Retreat; it’s an exciting time for our growing JMQG and we know you are all as excited as we are. There will lots of laughter, fun camaraderie, sharing and yes lots of sewing! The flyer shows what supplies to bring with you and I just wanted to highlight a couple of points:

* Sewing Machine! Those interested in learning or at least trying FMQ, bring your darning foot, or your machine manufacturer may call it freehand or free motion foot, it’s the foot that has a spring and goes up and down. Bring all your feet (ha there is a sentence that only quilters understand!) if you are not sure! And on a side note, we will have some extra quilt sandwiches made to share, but if you have some batting scarps and muslin or cheap fabric, make a sandwich or two sized between 16 and 20 inches and bring along.

*Cutting tools, rulers, pins and thread; essentials for sewing!

*Fabrics! Bring your scraps for our improv quilting workshops. Also about 10 FQs, 1 yard of print fabric and 2 yards of your favorite background fabrics. You will be using these fabrics in the various workshops and projects offered.  It’s our best guess and probably an over estimate, but hey, it’s better to have more, right? And I’d like to clarify that the workshops are not for quilts but rather to teach techniques and processes, so choose fabrics that play well together overall so you have a variety to choose from for the various projects, but don’t stress over what to choose and remember you will be a quilt shop with quilters and fabric shortage will not be an issue!

*Bring your own personal project, or two (or three for the fast fingers!) to work on in between other happenings.

*Most importantly bring your enthusiasm and let’s quilt!

The retreat is taking place at Ladybug Quilt Shop:1400 Cassat Ave # 6, Jacksonville, FL 32205

See you all on Friday.

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3 thoughts on “Are you ready? Our First Anniversary Quilt Retreat is almost here!

  1. I am excited about this retreat. What size are the tables? I am trying to decide which machine to bring. And, do we each get out own table?

    1. Yes, everyone will get his/her own table. They are approximately 2 ft by 4 ft.

  2. Joan, we are looking at the layout Monday evening. Our goal is that everyone gets his/her own table…but we can’t be sure at this point until we do the layout.

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