FMQ Motif of the Month Challenge: Month One Loop De Loop.

JMQG FMQ Challenge

Free motion quilting (FMQ) and modern quilting go hand in hand; got to fill up that expansive negative space with beautiful quilting! Here is your chance to build up and hone your FMQ skills with our very own FMQ challenge! The goal is for each participating individual to dedicate as little or as much time as they want to practice a particular FMQ motif chosen for that month by one of our members. Each month, a member will volunteer to select a FMQ design and challenge participants to stitch it down on a practice sandwich (any size from 12 inches and up) and bring it to the meeting to show and share (no matter how bad you think it looks, we want to see!). We can discuss our experiences and help troubleshoot problems together; a true judgment-free zone!

Below is a list of volunteers I have so far, if you wish to volunteer for a particular month, let us know at the next meeting. All that is required of the volunteer is to let us know what design they want to challenge us with for their chosen month at the prior month’s meeting.

  • May 2015: Candi
  • June 2015: Robin
  • July 2015: Christy
  • August 2015: Angie
  • September 2015: Bonnie
  • October 2015: Sara
  • November 2015: Ruth

We’ll keep this going until we all become proficient FM quilters or we get tired of trying 🙂 🙂

Now without further rambling on my part, let’s introduce our very first FMQ Motif of the Month chosen by Candi: Loop de Loop! Let’s all get loopy here. The fabulous Leah Day has an awesome tutorial here to get us started. So loop away all and bring your practice piece (or is it a masterpiece?) to our May meeting on May 30th.

Let’s get quilting!

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