JAXMQG 2022 charity quilting opportunities!

Hello and Happy New Year from the 2022 JAXMQG Charity team!!

The current team members include Kate Alicea, Kim Blalock, and Lisa Hamilton. If anyone is interested in joining the effort please let us know! Also, please let us know if you have suggestions for a great charity our guild can support!

“Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give”. Eleanor Roosevelt

2022 Charity opportunity list (adjustments may be made during the year)

Hubbard House : This non profit organization aids victims of domestic violence and their children in North Florida. The Hubbard House team is very enthusiastic to receive quilt donations from our guild that will provide comfort to the recipient. Any size quilt can be donated. If you want to donate a comfort quilt please bring to a guild meeting or contact Lisa Hamilton (email : lghamilton@bellsouth.net or call/text : 904.610.0269) to arrange quilt pickup.

Backpacks of Love : Small quilts (up to 40 x 40) that are given to children transitioning into foster care. The quilt will be put into a backpack (with other comfort and hygiene items) for the children. This program is operated at the Spring Glen Church (guild meeting location). You can bring a kids quilts to any guild meeting to donate!

Fidget Quilts : Small activity / tactile lap size quilts (18 to 24 inches) in high demand for individuals with Alzhiemer, Dementia, and Austism. The fidget quilts can be brought to any guild meeting and given to Lisa Hamilton for delivery.

In 2022 we would like to track all the community donations so PLEASE be sure to let us know when you donate any quilt/sewing project.

2022 JAXMQG Charity Team goals:

1)   Initiate 1 or 2 local charity projects each year for guild members to participate in as a group.  Any member can recommend charity or charities.   (note:  this will be outside of the MQG QUILTCON community quilt challenge**)  Examples:   Members piece a block or blocks that will be used to construct a charity quilt,   Collaborate on charity quilt during sew days, etc. 

2)  Research and provide various local charity quilting / sewing related opportunities for members to participate throughout the year.   Serve as point of coordination to accept donation quilts (or items) to deliver to various non profit organizations.    Examples:   Kids quilts for Backpacks of Love program (foster care transition program),   Domestic Abuse organization quilt donations,  Veteran quilts,  Pillowcases (Smiles for Ryan),  Moda Love bugs (Youth mental health),  Fidgit quilts (Austism, Alzheimers, Dementia), etc.

3)  Track the guild charity efforts (requires member participation) so the charity team can post number of donations on regular basis (at minimum at end of year).   Sharing and communicating the number of community donations from guild members fosters inspiration and sense of pride in the guild.

** The annual MQG sponsored QUILTCON community quilt challenge should have a separate chair person to coordinate quilt design, oversee construction and select the charity for quilt donation.

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