Precuts to the rescue!

I am just now getting back into a regular routine after the holidays. Rushing around, eating, traveling and getting sick really slowed me down. I don’t think I’ve sewed since November. After I finished a Christmas gift quilt, I was done!!!!

Then I remembered a layer cake I bought at Quiltfest last September. Actually, I bought two! I’m trying out one of Moda’s Cake Mix foundation paper recipe books. The recipes require one print layer cake and one solid (or low-volume) layer cake. FYI, a layer cake is like a giant charm pack, with about 40 pieces of 10×10 inch fabric.

I swore I’d never make a HST quilt again, but here we are! Once you get them all sewn and pressed, the blocks are super fast to make! It’s quite addictive.

Precuts are the answer to my sewing slumps. There’s no extra yardage waste, no frittered hours trying to coordinate fabrics or searching for patterns on Pinterest. You just jump in and sew!!!

I always recommend precuts to a new quilter just starting out. They are affordable and fast, so if you’re not sure quilting is your bag, it’s not a huge investment lost. One $10 charm pack can make the top of a baby “lovey” quilt. So for about 20 bucks you got a handmade baby gift!!!

What ways do you get out of sewing slumps? Do you have a favorite precut project to share?

Bring your precuts or anything you like to our Sit and Sew this Saturday! We will be at Pablo Creek Library from 10am-3pm.

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  1. I made a Jelly Roll Rug and it was wonderful to have all the strips pre-ordered.

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