Jacksonville Mini Maker’s Faire

Jax MQG set up a booth this past weekend at the inaugural MOSH Mini Maker’s Faire and it was a great success!


A Mini-Maker Faire is an independently produced celebration of local maker culture.  The producers of the bigger Maker Faire in Orlando were mentors to this smaller faire and the plans are to keep the Jacksonville Faire going and grow it in the years to come.  We were very happy to be part of this event and we had several people “in charge” (including the museum director) tell us how happy they were to have us!

Here are some photos of our booth:

There were lots of comments about how pretty and colorful our booth was.  We now have a Jax MQG banner and the table was decorated with quilts made by the members.  We also had 2 pillows made with the Pineapple Blocks we all collaborated on!  We decided to bring an embroidery machine to have running and EPP to work on to show attendees not only what we make, but HOW we make.

This little boy was SO interested in Yvonne’s embroidery machine.  He watched the making of a shark key fob from start to finish and didn’t take his eyes away.  So cute.

Thanks to everyone for their donated items!  This was a learning experience in many ways, but most importantly for learning who our audience is.  The big sellers were key fobs, mini wallets, pillows and of all things “poop” emoji wallets!  HAHAHA  It was mostly families with young children wanting to buy a small, kid relevant item for their child.  We made over $300 for the Jax MQG!!!!  YAY!!!

This type of event is something the guild will keep participating in.  We not only raised some money, but made several leads on new members!  We want to keep growing and this was a great way to network.


Thanks again for everyone’s participation and a shout out to those members that braved the rain and came to see us!  (Franci, Adele and Leslie)

Sewingly yours,


2 thoughts on “Jacksonville Mini Maker’s Faire

  1. Yvonne L. DaCinha Wecker April 10, 2018 — 7:05 pm

    Great post as usual Paula. We had a blast. Love your comment about all things poop in the post.

  2. Yvonne L. DaCunha Wecker April 10, 2018 — 7:07 pm

    Had to fix my name

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