Spotlight shines on…Bonita!

1- Introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about where you are from, work, family etc.

My name is Bonita. I am a veteran. I have 3 children, 43, 41, & 35. I have 4 grandchildren ages 15,13,6,& 2.

2-  Tell us about when and how you started quilting.

My grandmother got me interested in sewing & patchwork. I learned how to sew on a Singer treadle, that belonged to my grandmother.

3- What’s your favorite part about quilting? Least favorite?

I like to use scissors and do piece work the best.

4- Any favorite technique or one you wish to learn?

I would like to do more handquilting and Big stitch quilting

5- What fabrics are you drawn to? Any particular styles or colors?

Fabric wise I like vintage cottons from 60’s and 70’s

6- Who is your favorite quilter (whether international, national or local)? Any blogs you love to follow?

My favorite quilter is Bonnie Hunter & one of my favorite blogs is crazymomquilts.

7- Tell us about where you sew! Your stash? Your sewing machine/s.

I sew at dinning room table. The light is excellent. I have several Singers & 2 Vikings.

8- Are you organized? Tell us, we won’t judge! If you are, what would you say the one thing that helped you organize the most?

I am not organized, but Jen is. I try to sew everyday. I prefer sewing over household chores.

Thank you Bonita for sharing with us!

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