Flying Rings: the DWR challenge.

Hi all! Candi here reporting to blog land!

Just wanted to share with you photos of my finished DWR challenge quilt! (And so I can link to the challenge and thank you:).  Attendants of the November meeting saw the unbound quilt and here is your chance to see  it finished (I know you’ve been holding your breath, huh?)

Flying Rings Main

Flying Rings measures 40 by 63 inches. It started out as a simple interlocking rings idea and then grew from there.

Interlocking Flying Rings

The rings were paper pieced and quarters joined to make the rings. And with the help of the backing paper, a hot dry iron and my trusty Best Press, I turned the seams under to create a clean finish and appliqued the rings on the background.

I then had the idea to make a “ghost” DWR so this single ring was born.

Single RingNotice the 3D center? It is machine Tarpunto! Very easy and fun. Have you tried it? You mark your design on the top, add a piece of batting big enough to cover the area and,  using water-soluble thread, you stitch the perimeter of the design thus anchoring the piece of batting. And then comes the nerve-racking part of trimming the extra batting. That’s it! Sandwich and quilt as desired (ha I always wanted to say that!).

And since I added a “ghost” center, I just had to add a “ghost” ring. Or two.

Ghost RingsMore Tarpunto! And adventures with contrasting thread quilting!

I also tried my hand at scrappy piping ( I think I am addicted to adding piping to quilts now, thanks Lora) ; I like it! Will do it again.



DetailI actually love this whole quilt! It was a joy (mostly) to work on and I pushed myself to learn new techniques and had fun doing it. I encourage each of you to participate in a challenge as the opportunity arises, you WILL surprise yourself. I know I did.

Happy Tuesday all! And have a very happy Thanksgiving. Stay safe (and dry).




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  1. Candi, Your quilt is wonderful! You did such a nice job. You are extremely creative. Good luck in the competition. Lora

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