Lucy and Quilter’s Crack

July 2013 Meeting Minutes

One of the highlights of our July Meeting occurred when Lynn got us hooked on Quilter’s Crack.   Now before you call the DEA authorities, “Lucy, you got some ‘splainin to do!”  

Lucy and Ricky 2

And for another bit of my useless trivia, read all the way to the bottom of this post to find out what Ricky actually said to Lucy.

So back to Lucy does Crack…..As Country Crossroads quilt shop entrepreneurs, Lynn and Bob Provencher are always on the lookout for new tools and Lynn introduced us to On The Dot Repositionable Markers, another of the Qtools from Quilt with Marci Baker.

Quilter's Crack (2)

Lynn in her ever exuberant way,  had us all in stitches [okay, pun intended] as she described in very humorous detail trying out this new tool as similar to smoking crack.   Of course Lynn doesn’t smoke crack, but you have to admit that sometimes we quilters get downright obsessed with finding the right fabric and tools.  One could easily find the similarities between how we absolutely drool over fabric the same way a drug addict craves feeding his or her habit.    So these little colored Dots will forever be called Crack.

Quilter's CRACK

Lynn had three packages of her “Quilter’s Crack” available for sale in the shop and before she could finish peddling her smack, three of us were hooked and made a quick grab.

Another great turn-out for our monthly meeting

July Meeting 3

Check out the attached minutes from the meeting.   Apologies to Robin McCallister as we inadvertently listed her name as McCallum (darn that Word spellcheck!)   No worries Robin, we’ll get that fixed.

and the winner of the July Name Tag Challenge is:

06_2013_Candi's Nametag

Now we  know what Candi does with all those selvage edges we save for her.

Quilts for Boston Update

Woo Hoo…..Angie brought in the JMQG’s second completely finshed QFB Quilt.    Here’s the front

Angie's finished QfB

and the back

Angie's finished QfB back

The diagonal quilting and quick turn binding are beautifully done.

During the meeting,  Lynn completed  hand sewing the binding on the group quilt

Lynn Handsewing QfB Binding

which had the top pieced by Eve, the trimming up and sandwiching done by Lora and the quilting done on the longarm by Mr. Bob.  Here’s the near finished quilt…

Eve's Finshed QfB

Robin showed us her finished Florida themed QfB quilt top made at the Viking Sewing Gallery

Robin's Florida QfB Top 2  and the back

Robin's Florida QFB Back

Robin also shared the quilt top made from twelve of the blocks brought back from Boston

Robin's finshed QFB top

Lora gave us a sneak peek at the in progress quilting on her very modern QfB

Lora's QfB 2

Yvonne shared the two quilt tops made  from the last of the Boston MQG blocks.   First is the Running Man

Running Man Quilt Top

and the second is the Cornered Geese

Lynn Steven's Finshed QfB (2)

In gratitude to the JaxMQG members, Yvonne brought in a goody basket of charm packs and fat quarters for the sewists to select a thank you gift.

FQ Basket

As of the July Meeting, we have two completed QfB quilts; four in the quilting stage; and five at the finshed quilt top stage.    We’ll have more to show between now and the August meeting.

We had so many items and pictures takes during the  Show & Tell portion of our meeting, we’ll put out a separate post  so we can do them justice.   Stay tuned  over the next few days.

Last but certainly not least, Lora Douglas provided a demonstartion of binding techniques and we’ll post more about that to coincide with her posting the tutorial on her Dragonfly Quiltworks blog.  So stay tuned for that post and the link to her tutorial.

The challenge for the August Meeting is a Churn Dash Block; any size, any color but you must use modern fabric.   Everyone should bring in a Fat Quarter and the winner of the challenge gets to take the FQ basket home.

And for those really inquiring minds…..

Lucy and Ricky

With that Happy Quilting until the next post.

The Maus

7 thoughts on “Lucy and Quilter’s Crack

  1. Mary Jane Cardwell August 7, 2013 — 11:54 am

    Just a quick question – for the August meeting a new member should bring a churn dash block in modern fabrics and a fat quarter? Anything else other than interest, curiosity and fascination and a desire for a fun morning in Jacksonville? So sorry I missed the July meeting.

    1. Yup! That is right:) we look forward to seeing you.

  2. Great post, Yvonne! Love Lucy:)

  3. Angela Williams August 7, 2013 — 11:45 pm

    As usual Yvonne, awesome post! I always enjoy getting together with the JMQG gals!

  4. Super post Yvonne! Always love your take, i.e. Lucy and Ricky.

  5. Had to edit the post to include a fun photo of Lynn peddling her crack!!

    1. Haha…is that considered a “crack look?” Love it.

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