QfB Yet Again

OOPS….meant to post this earlier in the week.

This week we continued our Sew-Ins trying to finish up the first few Quilts for Boston.

On Saturday, June 29th, at Country Crossroads Quilt Shop, we had a really lively group with Lynn, Lora, Candi, Angie, Symone, Eve (still earning her service hours), my good friend Anne Haddock from Middleburg and me.  Again many many many thanks to Bob and Lynn Provencher for hosting and sewing with us.

Here is Lora’s absolutely stunning finished quilt top…

QFB Sew-In_6-29 002

Kudos to Lora for creating a brand new Lone Starburst foundation paper pieced block shown on the left; the design and pattern can be found on Six White Horses blog .    You really can’t see it in the photo, but Lora has the quilt top marked for very modern quilting.

Here are Lora and Angie discussing modern quilt design layout and how to piece the top with the blocks on point.

QFB Sew-In_6-29 004

Eve completed her homework assignment and finished her quilt top.  Here she is getting it ready for final pinning.

QFB Sew-In_6-29 001

Lora spent the rest of the morning assisting and teaching Eve how to square up her quilt top, and sandwich it for presentation to Mr. Bob for quilting on the long arm.  Bob also gave our group a quick lesson on various quilting stitches and demonstrated using the long arm.

Candi’s quilt top was also completed and it too is gorgeous.

Candi's QfBCandi also used the time and space at Country Crossroads to sandwich her quilt.  I cannot wait to see what Lora and Candi do with the negative space quilting on these two very modern beauties.

Angie and Symone brought back the stack of blocks and then played around with the design wall, but alas, my camera’s battery ran out of juice and I couldn’t take any more photos.   I’ll make sure I have it charged from now on.    Anyway, they came up with an awesome layout and I hear there may be a unicorn somewhere in the mix.

My good friend Anne Haddock joined us and she also participated in playing on the design wall.  Doing that gets you hooked, and now Anne is also making a quilt top.  That brings us up to NINE quilts being made in Jacksonville for our sister guild in Boston.

After all was said and done at the Saturday Sew-In, I still had 11 blocks leftover.   I’ll have to check on the two quilts in progress by management team at the Viking Gallery to see if they need more blocks.

We set up two more Sew-ins…

  • Thursday, July 4th @ the Viking Gallery from noon to 6:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, July 8th at Country Crossroads in Orange Park from 10:30 a.m to 1:30 p.m.

Hope to see you there.

Yvonne Maus

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