Quilts for Boston, The Sequel

We had our third Sew-In on Thursday, June 27th at the Viking Gallery at the Town Center.  Jo-Ann Fabrics manager also let us use the classroom so we could spread out.QFB_Sew-In 008

I got there around 3 p.m. and set up to start machine quilting the first quilt.    Had to move the furniture around until I was satisfied the quilt would not fall on the floor.   So here is my quilt set up for me to work on.

QFB_Sew-In 007

My plan is for an eclectic quilting; using designs from my new Quilt Design Software and the rest will be straight line sewing.

QFB_Sew-In 011I  don’t have a walking foot for the new machine (drat) so I was in the process of ripping our my straight line sewing which puckered on the quilt back…when Danielle, one of the great sewists from the Viking Sewing Gallery introduced me to Eve, a 15-year-old student at Douglas Anderson High School for the Performing Arts.   Eve was at the Viking Gallery with her mom, Julie for an owners lesson on their new Ruby machine and decided to join our group sewing in the classroom.   Eve will be  earning her required school service hours by volunteering to sew a quilt while honing her sewing skills.

Here are Eve, Julie and Danielle, and they clearly are having fun. Eve_Julie_Danielle

While I helped Eve plan her quilt top design, Danielle ran back to the Viking Gallery to get me a walking foot  (woo hoo).

As Eve settled on her design below, she began to think about sashing colors.

Eve's Design She looked through my stash and found the exact same yellow background fabric that’s in the bottom right block.   Sometimes that’s just how easy these decisions can be.

Danielle and I coached Eve through the cutting, pinning, sewing, ironing, trimming processes and after a few hours, her quilt top was taking shape.

Eve's Quilt TopHere it is 8:40 p.m. and time to start packing up.  Eve’s homework assignment was to finish sewing the blocks together in rows.   Danielle agreed to coach her Friday evening so her quilt top would be finished by Saturday’s Sew-In at Country Crossroads in Orange Park.

Earlier in the evening, Angie and Symone also stopped by the Viking Gallery to select blocks for their QfB Quilts.    They will be joining us on Saturday.  QFB_Sew-In 015

That’s my QfB quilt rolled up showing the pieced backing under all those blocks; this quilt apparently  was not going to get much quilting attention on Thursday!   My goal is to have it finished this weekend, so I can bind it on Monday.

We are now on track to make eight quilts for the Boston Modern Quilt Guild’s Quilts for Boston initiative; and we have 12 Jacksonville ladies working on this project.

More QfB updates after our Sew-In tomorrow morning.


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